Golf Course Playing Conditions

The Gibson Island (Maryland) Club has a flagpole behind No. 1 tee to alert the membership of current course conditions, as it is open for play year-round, weather permitting. When a green flag is used, it means the course is open with golf carts, a yellow flag designates that the course is open with walking only, and a red flag means the course is closed. This system works quite well, as no signs or other notifications are required. Future plans call for a webcam to be installed so the members can instantly know the course conditions on their phones or computers so they can plan their day. William V. Reil is the island superintendent who is very organized in everything he and his staff do. Lester George is the restoration architect.

Pump House HVAC

This MRCOOL Air Conditioner & Heat Pump operates on 115 or 230 volts with a 25-foot pre-charged install kit. A wall-mounted remote control is standard — where this unit can also be controlled with a MRCOOL SmartHVAC smartphone app, Alexa or Google Assistant for effortless heating and cooling of the irrigation pumphouse. It is Energy Star rated and ductless. The wall-mounted electric louver air distribution unit has three fan speeds, and it comes in various sizes and voltages depending on the square footage of the pumphouse. It is available from Lowes and Home Depot. Costs typically range from $1,500 to $2,000 and it is DIY installation. William V. Reil, island superintendent at the Gibson Island (Maryland) Club, oversaw the installation when a new pumphouse was built in 2020. Lester George is the club’s restoration architect.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 51-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or