Toro 648 Aerifier Trailer

Two recycled Toro Workman HDX-D 4WD dump beds were transformed into this green's aerifier trailer. The full bed measures 64 inches by 55 inches and then a 21-inch by 55-inch extension was bolted and welded to the full bed. The existing mounting brackets from the bed had 2-inch blocks welded and bolted to them and the recycled green’s fan trailer underneath. A 60-inch by 51-inch ramp, made from 2 ½-inch angle iron and heavy duty expanded wire mesh, is mounted to the bed with industrial hinges. The Toro 648 Green’s Aerifier fits perfectly onto the modified Workman bed. It cost about $200 using mostly recycled equipment and it took about 12 hours to build/modify. Brian Goleski, superintendent; JR Wilson, equipment manager; Chris Briggs, first assistant; Jim Geiger, second assistant; and Stan Ryder, course setup person, make up the great golf management team at the Noyac Golf Club in Sag Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.

Space Saving Efficiency

Three Backyard Buddy Automotive Model "Workforce" Lifts ($5,245 each) are installed in the equipment storage building to greatly expand the storage capacity. Sprayers, tractors and green’s aerifiers are raised and other equipment is conveniently stored underneath each lift. Lifts measure approximately 200 inches by 116 inches with a 7,000-pound capacity. Equipment is raised 6 feet, 5 inches off the ground and an industrial steel plate ($800) is placed onto each lift so there is a solid floor throughout. The lifts have a 1 horsepower motor, and it takes about 45 seconds to raise and 30 seconds to lower the 110-volt electric/hydraulic lift mechanism. There is an optional wheel kit ($400) that is used on one of the lifts. Lifts are intentionally not bolted to the concrete floor so they can be relocated with ease, taking two employees about 10 minutes to move each one. The team at Noyac Golf Club created this great idea.