Drag Mat Trailer

This 6 foot by 6 foot by 1 inch square metal topdressing drag mat is transported quickly and easily on this homemade trailer. 1 ¼-inch square tubing was used for the framework along with 3/16th-inch streel strapping for the cradle to hold the drag mat in place during transport and for a few other design features. 4.1 inch by 3.5 inch by 4 inch pneumatic tires are used. A linchpin is removed, the “tongue” moves upwards and the cradle tilts 90 degrees, releasing the drag mat onto the turf so there is no lifting of the drag mat involved. When the drag mat is used, it is still attached to the back of the trailer with a nylon rope so the trailer does not have to be removed from the tow vehicle. The trailer was in inventory when Jerry Mathews, CGCS, at the Stoneridge Golf Club in Blanchard, Idaho, took over as superintendent. This implement was designed & built by the former superintendent and equipment manager and acquired from the Avondale Golf Club in Hayden Lake, Idaho. No material costs or labor time were available.

Spreader Tire Improvements

During heavy calcitic limestone and potash applications to the greens, the bridges and crevices in the tire treads had product buildup on The Andersons Rotary Spreaders, causing clumps of mushy product across the playing surfaces. Nashua 308 Utility Grade Duct Tape (2-inch width) with a glossy topside, or equal, applied in a single layer covering the full 4-inch width on clean, dry tires, was used to solve this situation. The tape is normally replaced two times per year, cost $5 to $20 per roll and takes less than five minutes to install. Assistant superintendents Ryan Bieranoski and Jon Shanty, and assistant-in-training Aaron Jackson conceived and implemented this excellent idea. Jason Hurwitz, superintendent at Fox Chapel Golf Club near Pittsburgh, has a very talented team in place.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 51-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or terrybuchen@earthlink.net.