Daniel Trent Williams has worked his way up from a crew member to crew leader to spray tech at Chariot Run Golf Course.
“Who would have ever thought being a meth cook would have prepared me for a job as a spray tech?”

That’s the best line I’ve ever heard from anyone in the turf business and it came from one Daniel Trent Williams. Some may read that and think there’s no way that guy is spraying anything for me, but I look at it as a life rescued from the abyss. Trent’s life is a road few have traveled and made it out of. Drugs, addiction, jail, prison, chains of sin and death had him bound, but this story doesn’t end there. His final chapter hasn’t been written yet. Look at his life now, and you see freedom from addiction and someone trying to make a difference in others’ lives. Most have heard of jailhouse religion and think they won’t make it when they get out, but look at Trent and you’ll see that one life transformed is worth all the money and time spent for those who don’t make it.

Grace Tabernacle is the church that sits next to hole 15 at Chariot Run and the Transformation House was birthed from it. Meth and heroin abuse is running rampant in our county and after seeing people get out of jail and fall right back into the same habits, Grace started out with a halfway house for guys to go to after being released that would give them a real chance for success. Trent is one of those guys. Two years after completing the transformation program, Trent is now one of the leaders of one of the four houses that is now the Butterfly Transformation House program. We have been able to give jobs to eight men and women from the houses, and I hope that is just the start. These young men and women are thankful for a fresh start, love the work environment and appreciate the fact someone would take a chance on them. Trent is the only one who has stayed at the course for more than a season. The rest ALL moved on to better paying jobs. Yeah, that’s right. We’re batting 1,000. And Trent … I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s a rockstar without the drug abuse. He helps me out, too. His presence keeps crashing my walk with the Lord in check because I don’t want to let him down. I want to be someone he can count on, too.

Trent has worked his way up from a crew member to a crew leader to spray tech. When the spray tech job came open, Trent immediately stepped up and said, “I can do this, I’ve got experience ‘mixing chemicals.’” He understands the importance of having the right amount of each product in the tank and as his first season as spray tech comes to a close, I couldn’t be prouder of him. When he first started working at Chariot Run, I honestly didn’t think he would make it. But I’m so glad he proved me wrong. Trent doesn’t take any of the credit, he gives the glory to God. Why am I telling you about Trent? I hope it will open someone’s eyes and you will give someone a chance you normally wouldn’t. All the clichés work here, but the final thought I want to leave you with is don’t judge a book by its cover. In today’s ever challenging times of finding quality staff members, some of the best are right in front of our eyes. They just need a chance.

David Beanblossom is the superintendent at Chariot Run Golf Course in Laconia, Ind.