Producing and sharing impactful content is a key part of any magazine. Establishing a community willing to add zing to printed pages represents the deeper purpose of the one you just opened.

Nothing epitomizes Golf Course Industry more than our fourth annual Turfheads Take Over issue. It’s one of the few printed magazines – and there are still thousands of them – where a member of a community has an open invitation to contribute an article.

Let’s put this in turfgrass management terms. Imagine allowing a golfer to replace you and your assistant during a busy weekend. A career ender, right?

Well, magazines don’t wilt as fast as greens. We only get 12 cracks at creating and distributing print content each year, but we’re confident enough in this community to allow readers to drive an entire issue. OK, we don’t totally go away during this process, although we did spend five fabulous days in the Carolinas last month. We linger on the periphery throughout the creation of Turfheads Take Over, ensuring contributors receive the guidance they need to clearly communicate their story to peers.

More important, we don’t meddle. Authenticity matters in an era saturated with filtered messages. We want this issue to feel like you’re holding a conversation with each contributor. WARNING: A few contributors push norms. Flip the pages to discover successful methods for handling life and work challenges. You might even notice a few edgy words and phrases along the way.

This has been an authentically awesome year for Golf Course Industry, because of a talented internal and external team committed to serving this community. We’re inspired by everybody associated with the magazine, especially those who contributed articles to our printed pages. To demonstrate there’s always a different way to complete a task, we’re publishing their names in reverse alphabetical order:


 Rick Woelfel Greg Martin Henry DeLozier
 Ian Williams Donovan Maguigan Ryan Cummins
 Anthony Williams Tim Liddy Lee Carr
 Matthew Wharton Matt LaWell Terry Buchen
 Brian Vinchesi  Kurt Kleinham Richard Brown
 Paul Van Buren Jason Hollen Jeff Brauer
 John Torsiello Dan Hixson  Monique Bozeman
 Judd Spicer  Ron Furlong Trent Bouts
 Tyler Robb Larry Feller Tyler Bloom
 Todd Quitno Dr. Mike Fidanza Carlos Arraya
 Hal Phillips Jason Farrell  Ian Andrew
 Tim Moraghan  Dr. John Dempsey Zach Anderson

And, finally, Pat Jones. Earlier this year, we determined “candid,” “caring” and “creative” are the best words to describe Golf Course Industry. All three words also describe Pat, whose efforts shaped the vision for an authentic multimedia publication serving golf maintenance professionals. Because of him, we will never underestimate the power of the megaphone. A community, after all, needs to hear the message.


Guy Cipriano, Editor