Topdresser Shovel

Cleaning up small quantities of spilled topdressing sand is convenient and quite easy with this shovel holder mounted on the front of a Turfco CR-10 Large Area Topdresser and Material Handler. The Ames Scoop Shovel is mounted on 1-inch by 1/8-inch steel strapping (already in inventory), bent into the proper shape with a torch, that is then bolted into existing holes. The owner’s manual, which was formerly hooked into the two straps adjacent to the shovel handle, is now in the equipment manager’s office file cabinet. Glenwild Golf Club and Spa director of agronomy Michael J. Valiant, CGCS, and equipment manager Robert “Skip” Rose in Park City, Utah, provided this great idea.

Rotary Spreader Storage

An octet of the 2000SR Stainless Steel Rotary Spreaders from The Andersons are efficiently stored on the wall of this dedicated fertilizer storage room. 12 lineal feet of 1-inch square tubing is cut into pieces and welded onto 18 lineal feet by 4-inch by ¼-inch flat steel plate that is mounted with concrete anchors into the cinder block wall. The “L” shaped handle-holders are spaced 8 inches apart and there are 17 inches of separation between each set of handles. Materials cost about $160 and it took about half a day to cut, fabricate, weld and mount. Golf course superintendent Darren J. Davis, CGCS, and equipment manager Guillermo Gomez are a great team at the Olde Florida Golf Club in Naples, Florida. Davis was the 82nd president of the GCSAA.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 41-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or