Cooking has always been a task I’ve enjoyed my entire life. It has been a way to relax when I was a superintendent and now, traveling for work, a way to enjoy a fresh home-cooked meal. My mother taught home economics in a local high school, so I guess the trait is in my blood.

Whether in the kitchen or grilling outdoors, cooking is a way for family, friends or people in general to come together. During the pandemic, I was off the road a good deal of the time and was able to bond with my family over mealtime. I feel like from social media posts and other forms of communication that everyone else was participating in some similar form of activity. Hence, the birth of the Turfheads Grilling campaign with our good friends at Golf Course Industry. We have had many entries and banter back and forth during our yearlong campaign. I’m looking forward to trying some of these great recipes over the coming months.

As we come through the interruptions of the pandemic and life returns to a new normal, we hope that you join us and use grilling as a way to come together with family and friends.

Sam Green

President, AQUA-AID Solutions