Mechanic’s Creeper Chair

The Model 7519 Cub Cadet tractor seat was acquired from Northern Tool ($50) and was used on an old backhoe for five years and then it was repurposed. The rear wheel rim is a Cushman Model # 898531 from an old three- wheel model. The rim is welded to two pieces of 6-inch by 3/16-inch thick angle iron that is bolted to the seat bottom. The black-colored steel plate was recycled from an old square truck seat that measures approximately 14 inches and the wheel rim is welded to it. The six 2½-inch creeper caster wheels were acquired from Napa ($20). It took about three hours to build. Mike Davies, superintendent, and Jim Zunker, equipment manager, make up the great team at the 27-hole Superior National at Lutsen, Lutsen, Minn.

Gate Valve Key Holder

The irrigation system gate valve/isolation valve key is transported efficiently on the Club Car Turf 2 turf vehicle. Two pieces of 1½-inch square tubing are each opened on one end in a “U” shape, are bolted to the dump body and fitted with a rubber lining so the key does not rattle. Two adjustable Carr Lane Toggle Clamps Model #C1250-VTC are welded to a piece of flat steel that is welded to the square tubing to hold the key in place. Weld a 1½-inch by 3/6-inch thick and a 1-inch by 1/8-inch thick piece of flat steel together in a “L” shape and bolted to the front of the bed to keep the handle from moving. It cost less than $50 for parts and it took about 1½ hours to fabricate and install. Lonnie Aller, superintendent, and Phil Taylor, equipment manager, from The Golf Club at Black Rock in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, came up with another great idea.