Front Bumper Protection

Excellent fabricated front bumper cowling protection for Toro 2100 and MDX Turf Vehicles that do not come equipped with one. 1½-inch by 3-foot round steel tubing bent into shape on the vehicle’s front end using a Harbor Freight tubing bender ($100). 2-inch by 3-inch rectangular steel tubing welded into an angled “L” pattern, where 3 feet of tubing is needed with 1 foot making the leg of the “L” and 2 feet comprising the vertical portion. A 1½-inch hole was drilled through the top center of the “L” to accommodate the 1½-inch cross bar. The bar was then slid through the hole and welded into place. The bumper and frame were painted with black epoxy paint with blue-colored plastic end caps placed over the tubing before mounting. The entire bumper was then slid into the forward 2-inch by 2-inch existing receiver hitch, secured in place with a ¾-inch bolt and Nyloc nut. It took about 1½ hours of labor time and cost about $30 for materials for each bumper. Michael J. Valiant, CGCS, director of agronomy, and Robert “Skip” Rose, equipment manager at the Glenwild Golf Club and Spa in Park City, Utah, like to modify equipment to make it better.

Sun Protection

2018 John Deere 2500E Triplex Greens Mower, with 11 blade cutting units with smooth rollers, mows excellent quality Pure Distinction and T-1 creeping bentgrass sod farm. The recycled top is from a 2002 E-Z-Go Freedom Electric Golf Cart to protect the operators from the hot sun. 1-inch homemade square tubing is bolted to the front mower frame and top with additional wind protection when the golf cart windshield is used. The rear of the top has two bolt holes on either side where hose clamps are threaded through and clamped onto the ROPS. Minimal costs and labor time with recycled parts and supplies. Former USGA senior agronomist Matt Nelson, co-owner, and Pat Borchard, co-owner, of Magic Valley Bentgrass/Magic Valley Turfgrass in Filer, Idaho, near Twin Falls, do everything right.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 41-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or