Foley Company’s 653 Accu-Master sets the standard for automated tabletop spin grinding and it continues to be in a league of its own.  With its unique rear-roller mounting system, computer graphic gauging, and a step-by-step tutorial to walk technicians through the complete set-up process, everything is visual and easy to understand for any operator.

The 653 Accu-Master allows for quick touch-up spin grinding, as well as quick setup and automation for relief grinding which has the industry returning reels back to OEM specifications.

653 ACCU-MASTER Offers:

  • Automated in-feed grind cycles for both spin and relief grinding
  • ACCU-Touch 3 control makes grinding easier than ever
  • Hands-Free Relief Grind
  • Automated in-feed and a patented auto-index
  • ACCU-Reel Selector and a height stop system to quickly locate any reel for fast and easy placement for spin or relief grinding


The Air2G2-336 Air Injection Machine uses 3-probes to laterally inject pressurized air at approximately 6-inches and up to 12-inches beneath the surface of the soil to fracture the compacted layers that form because of foot traffic, mechanical traffic and nature’s daily wear and tear. These air injections loosen compacted soil immediately without any disruption to the turf surface or to the roots below. This relieves compaction, improves water absorption and your surface has no downtime. With frequent use, Air2G2-336 creates surfaces that are healthy, firm, and ready for play.


  • NEW Touch Screen Control System
  • NEW CE Air Tank (EU)
  • Self-propelled air injection machine with smooth wide flotation tires
  • Powered by a Kohler Command Pro 19HP engine
  • Pneumatic system powered by an Ingersoll Rand
  • 2-stage air compressor
  • 3-probes reach up to 12-inches deep into the soil
  • Pressurized air is pushed out laterally in a diameter of 6 to 9ft
  • Air2G2



    The TDR-X contour roller mower features a 10’6” wide cut with 3 independently floating decks and a unique 6-way swivel hitch. It is both productive and agile as it was designed from the ground up as a contour mower for golf courses. Designed to closely follow the contours of a championship ranked golf course, it produces a professional quality cut that will impress both Superintendents and Members alike. Replaceable blade tips are standard and feature an industry leading 2” overlap for a superior cut and extended life, reducing operating costs. The TDR-X is as easy to maintain as it is to operate that will allow your technical staff to focus on other activities. No daily greasing and many standard TDR-X features are not found on other similar mowers.

    The TDR-X, the way a contour roller mower should be designed.

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    Encartis™ fungicide is a powerful dual-active solution for longer-lasting protection against ten-plus key foliar diseases, including dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch, algae and more. Get up to 28 days of preventive and curative action any time of year, anywhere on your course with a unique premix formulation that ensures no settling out in the tank. Plus, you can choose between three different application rates that allow you to tailor your treatments to fit the specific needs of your turf. Start and finish your season strong with less stress and fewer diseases. Add Encartis fungicide to your rotation today.

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