Irrigation Parts Storage

These 22 buckets and lids were acquired from Lowe’s for $3.58 each and $1.38 each, respectively, Grass seed buckets could also be used. They are attached to the wall on two 4-foot by 8 ½-foot thick sheets of plywood using two ¼-inch diameter lag bolts for each bucket. The lids are snapped into place and they are cut into an easy opening for access while still allowing room for ample storage within. Each lid has a computer-printed and laminated labels — for water and wear protection — stapled to the lid. It took Brandon Crim, superintendent, at the Boise (Idaho) Ranch Golf Course, about three hours to build and mount this project.

Triplex Greens Mower Brush

This brush assembly, mounted to a 2004 Toro GM 3150, is used to work-in sand topdressing on the greens approximately two to three times every two to three weeks. Each push broom is 30 inches long placed end to end and bolted to two 4-inch by 4-inch by 31-inch long boards placed 5 inches apart. That is then bolted together to the 1 1/2-inch square tubing. The side arms are 2 inches by 20 inches by 1/8-inch thick with a 1-inch square stock “plug” that fits inside the 1 1/2-inch OD by 1/8-inch square tubing that is part of the mower’s grass catchers mounting brackets. Everything was then painted red. The brush assembly easily moves up and down automatically as the cutting units/grass catchers are raised and lowered. It took Brandon Crim, superintendent, and David Cantrell, equipment manager, at the Boise (Idaho) Ranch Golf Course, about six hours with $20 in parts to build and mount this project.