Reel test

To properly test the cut of a freshly adjusted reel, the test strip of copier paper needs to be very dry. Humidity in the air can be absorbed by the test strip, so I use a hair dryer to drive the dampness out of the paper. The hair dryer is less likely to set fire to the paper than a heat gun.


Here is the adjusting knob on a well-experienced Toro cutting head. If there is any hope of people being able to do some of the tasks themselves, they need to read the labels. Engraved directions are easily refreshed by rubbing paint into the engraving and then quickly wiping off the excess paint. Let dry and they will be easy to read for a long time.

Chain gang

Tow chains, log chains and lift chains get tangled when in a pile. Chains in small individual cardboard boxes last for a while but are hard to carry as the box changes to the shape of a bag under the weight of the chain. The best solution I have found is to use empty gallon paint cans with a bit of scrap hose as a grip on the handle.

Sketch it

In the service manual for our Toro GroundsMaster 4700-D there is a diagram that shows the factory numbering system for the mower decks. Being able to chat with tech support using their numbering system is helpful. I have marked the deck numbers on the deck motors.

Paul F. Grayson is the Equipment Manager for the Crown Golf Club in Traverse City, Mich., a position he’s held for the past decade. Previously, he spent 8½ years as the equipment manager at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. Prior to that, he worked as a licensed ships engine officer sailing the Great Lakes and the oceans of the world.