Triplex Greens Mower Brush

This simple, but effective, brush attachment for older John Deere 2500A models uses the existing metal bracket that holds the grass catchers in place. The metal triangle portion from the bracket is removed and a 5-inch long chain is inserted to raise and lower the brush at the same time as each cutting unit. The 21-inch long brush can be acquired anywhere after deciding the desired firmness of the bristles. A small piece of 1-inch angle iron is welded onto each end of the bracket and two bolts on each side hold the brush in place. The grass catchers cannot be used any longer once the brackets are modified for the brushes. It took less than two hours to mount the brushes and it costs less than $50 for the brushes. The angle iron was in inventory. Kirby Putt, superintendent, at The Arizona Country Club in Phoenix, conceived this great idea. Jorge Munoz, head mechanic, and Chuck Gherke, assistant mechanic, developed Putt's idea.

F1 Core Collector

One of the best, if not the best, implement for removing aerifier plugs from putting surfaces attaches to the back of a riding bunker rake. The F1 Core Collector attaches easily to the rear of Toro 3000 & 5000 Series Sand Pros, John Deere 1200H, and some Smithco bunker rakes. The operator lowers it down and drives rapidly back and forth across each green. When it is raised after each pass, the bottom metal plates that keep the aerifier plugs inside the hopper change from a horizontal to a vertical position and dumps them in nice piles on both sides of the green. When the implement is lowered, the bottom plates go back to the horizontal position. Knobby tires are mostly used, but smooth triplex greens mower-type tires are also used. The brush on the rear cleans-up the surface and some of the soil is placed back into the aerifier holes. I saw the F1 Core Collector at The Arizona Country Club in Phoenix, where Kirby Putt is the superintendent and they have significantly reduced the labor time to remove the aerifier plugs. It is distributed by Dynamic Turf.