Container Parts Rooms

Clever way to expand the maintenance building size by adding two 8-foot by 40-foot metal storage container trailers ($3,500 each) used for storing equipment repair parts, irrigation parts and hardware. One 36-inch outside entrance man door; six 48-inch by 24-inch by 72-inch wire shelving units; six 4-foot by 8-foot peg boards; two 4-foot by 6-foot storage cabinets; 150 tip-out storage bins; 120 small parts bins; 12 four-piece hardware drawers; and two 72-inch electric baseboard heaters were added. Thin foam sheets were used for insulation, ¾-inch thick plywood was used for the walls and flooring. Next, 3-foot by 6-foot openings were framed in-between each container to join them together. Fluorescent lights, Wi-Fi and a 6-foot mechanic’s fully equipped desk was added along with the service and repair records. Compressed air was piped in from the shop area and an oil delivery system, with spill containment pallet, was piped out to the main shop area. A hydraulic hose maker with fittings station and a small tire machine was installed. The room is 640 square feet, cost approximately $34,000 and took approximately 960 labor hours over two winter seasons to complete. Brian Goleski, superintendent, and J.R. Wilson, equipment manager, at the Noyac Golf Club, Long Island, Sag Harbor, N.Y., provided another great idea.

Stripe Mowing Enhancement

The fairway stripe mowing patterns are now more enhanced by adding Harper model #9424 brushes ($33 each) on each cutting unit formerly on the 2014 John Deere 8700 and currently on the 2017 John Deere 7700A fairway mowers. The brackets are made from new ¼-inch flat steel, the top piece is 2 inches wide by 29 inches long and the two side-mounting arms are 1 inch wide by 7 ? inches long. The bolts on each side of the cutting unit were removed and a longer bolt was installed to hold each side arm in place so the brush is free floating to the contours of the Zorro zoysiagrass fairways. The brushes are used throughout the entire growing season. Each brush is mounted with two ¼-inch by 2-inch long bolts with self-locking nylon nuts on the ends and the brush head comes with a steel T-nut in the middle for a 3/8-inch by 1¼-inch long bolt. Each cutting unit takes 10 ¼-inch by 2-inch bolts and locking nuts, and five 3/8-inch by 1¼-inch bolts. Each mounting bracket costs about $25 and it took about an hour per cutting unit to fabricate and install. Owen Coulson, superintendent, conceived this idea and Eric “Skip” Bridges, equipment technician, completed it at the Vestavia Country Club in Birmingham, Ala.

Terry Buchen, CGCS, MG, is president of Golf Agronomy International. He’s a 41-year, life member of the GCSAA. He can be reached at 757-561-7777 or