Wheelbarrow Trailer

I was visiting the Tom Kite-designed 36-hole Coco Beach Golf Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, a few years ago and spotted this unique trailer being used by a landscape maintenance company while driving to the San Juan airport. The 10-cubic-foot True Temper Wheelbarrow’s handles and single front wheel and bracket were removed. The current wheels with pneumatic tires, axle, metal tongue piping/hitch, and metal steel strapping and pipe supports were bolted/welded together. It’s a nice, inexpensive idea using what appears to be all recycled parts and materials.

Hiding Visible Green’s Drainage Piping

XGD Systems green’s drainage piping on 6-foot centers do an excellent job of providing subsurface drainage on push-up constructed greens. The McCall Golf Club in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, has seven greens with this system. During drought or when the greens are playing firm, fast and dry, the drainage piping trenches are visible, which the membership does not like to see. To solve this situation, superintendent David Visocan and chief of maintenance Mario Delligatti had their staff aerify with 3/8-inch diameter coring tines, along with ½-inch diameter deep coring tines, both procedures done twice per year. A Scotts AccuGreen 1000 Drop Spreader was modified with a thin piece of sheet metal, held in place with duct tape, so the material-flow was only a little wider than the drainage trench lines themselves. 70 percent Earthworks Renovate Plus and 30 percent Profile Soil Amendment blended together were applied into the aerifier holes in two directions after each aerification with the spreader flow calibrated all the way open. The amendments are then lightly broomed in. Earthworks 10-2-5 is applied at .25 lbs/N once a month along with the normal fertility program. This is the second season using this procedure and the membership has not said anything about them since. The spreader and materials were in inventory and it took about one hour for the modification. Jim Nagle is the club’s renovation architect.