Plan for the Fungus Among Us

Some of them are sneaky, lying in wait until the conditions are right to pounce. Others are crazy enough to stand in plain sight, daring us to act. They’re nasty fungi and tough weeds, and they’re a threat to our turf and our reputations. That’s why we plan our attack in the fall.

Just hearing the term “root rot” is scary, and one of the beasts behind it – Pythium – is out there right now, waiting for the right moment. Segway® Fungicide SC has you covered. University and real-world trials show that Segway delivers consistent and rapid control of Pythium root dysfunction, Pythium blight, and Pythium damping-off.

Then there’s Dollar Spot. From the nasty little webs to the dead brown spots, Dollar Spot is persistent, and it’s on its way. Be ready for it with Kabuto™ Fungicide SC! Kabuto offers both preventative and curative control of Dollar Spot, and it can be applied up to eight times a year as part of a resistance management program.

The employee-owners of PBI-Gordon are honored to join Golf Course Industry in bringing you this Fall Turf Planning Guide. Remember, working for the best means planning for the worst, and we’re here to help.


Jim Goodrich

Product Manager

Fungicides, Insecticides, and Plant Growth Regulators