PHOTO: Bill Anderson

2018: Are You Ready?

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re left to ponder what 2018 will bring. We might have a mild winter, an early spring, and the turf pro’s dream summer. Or just the opposite: summer could be a Pythium spore’s dream, extra warm and humid. Or we might have a zombie apocalypse, where the undead wander the land, slowly dragging their feet across our greens and leaving divots everywhere. This uncertainty is why proper planning is so important.

A cool summer sounds lovely to both you and to Dollar Spot, so be ready for it with Kabuto® Fungicide SC. Kabuto offers both preventative and curative control of Dollar spot, and it can be applied up to eight times a year as part of a resistance management program.

If you’re in a part of the country where a hot, humid summer is likely, Segway® Fungicide SC has you covered. Segway delivers consistent and rapid control of Pythium root dysfunction, blight, damping-off, and root-rot.

And, to help you be prepared for future fungi, PBI-Gordon is introducing a new tool in 2018: Tekken™ Broad Spectrum Fungicide. With one punch, Tekken will change the way Supers fight turf disease.

Our zombie apocalypse control product is still in the idea stage. We’ll keep you posted.

PBI-Gordon is honored to once again join Golf Course Industry in bringing you this Fall Turf Planning Guide. We hope it’ll help you prepare for the coming season, whether it’s a dream or a nightmare.


Jim Goodrich

Product Manager

Fungicides, Insecticides, and Plant Growth Regulators