Ok, it’s almost over. 2018, that is. And what a year it was, with ooding in some regions, drought in others, and some places got a little bit of both. As crazy as the year was, it highlighted the importance of planning. My fellow employee-owners of PBI-Gordon and I are proud to once again be a part of this Fall Turf Planning Guide to help you be ready for anything next year.

All this crazy weather can mean crazy fungus problems, and PBI-Gordon has you covered (You didn’t think I’d let you go without talking about a couple products, did you?).

Kabuto® Fungicide SC delivers both preventative and curative control of dollar spot, and can be applied up to eight times a year as part of a resistance management program.

Segway® Fungicide SC is a proven performer for consistent and rapid control of Pythium root dysfunction, blight, damping-o, and root-rot.

Tekken™ Broad Spectrum Fungicide oers dependable control of 21 diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot, and brown patch, for up to 28 days with the same rate.

NEW Pedigree™ Fungicide SC is the rst liquid utolanil formulation! Pedigree oers the same performance and turf safety as granular utolanil, but it’s easier to handle and easier to mix with other products.

Again, the employee-owners of PBI-Gordon are honored to join Golf Course Industry in bringing you this Fall Turf Planning Guide. We hope it’ll help you prepare for 2019!


Jim Goodrich

Marketing Product Manager

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