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Be compassionate. Your staff has family and property to care for and worry about, as do you. And, when the governor issues an evacuation order, you are in no position to counteract this directive.

Plan ahead. Take a serious look at your maintenance facility and envision what it would look like under 3 to 5 feet of water. What would be lost and where would you move your assets to? Besides checking the stability of your systems and features, what is the evacuation plan for your equipment, chemicals and tools?

Insurance. What is the level of property and flood insurance that your club holds? Does it replace what is lost? What is the deductible? Remember, it takes a long time to get in line for the insurance inspector, to file claims, to negotiate and most of all, to receive payment from your insurance company.

Weather Watchers. In the case of Florence, the National Hurricane Center was totally accurate as to where the storm would make landfall. Be careful who you listen to and study your geography. Much of South Carolina came out unscathed and yet, Weather Channel’s frequent mentions of the Carolinas coast getting hammered wreaked havoc on businesses and lives throughout South Carolina. Find a local weather station and follow them. Find out which meteorologist is most accurate on an ongoing basis.

Tartan Talks No. 27

Brandon Johnson isn’t shy about declaring his zest for golf.

“I would say I’m a golf nut,” he says. “I eat it. I sleep it. I dream it. I drink it.”

That zest has made Johnson an ideal fit for a position at one of the world’s most recognizable golf course architecture firms. Johnson joined Arnold Palmer Design in 2006. The position allowed him to flourish alongside one of the biggest golf nuts in history. Since Palmer’s death in 2016, Johnson has worked with partner Thad Layton to continue a legacy of providing options for all golfers.

The firm has stayed busy in the last two years and Johnson discusses projects in multiple places, including Florida, California and Minnesota, in a Tartan Talks podcast. Johnson also describes his introduction to the business, how past experiences with The First Tee applies to his current work and the lessons he learned from Palmer. “He got on us a lot about making sure our designs, our features and our thinking was catered to the everyday person,” Johnson says.

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