Why did Quali-Pro develop Suprado and how did Quali-Pro develop Suprado?

Novaluron, Suprado’s active ingredient, was established in agricultural and professional pest control segments, so we set out to develop formulations for turf applications. We were screening several for controlling a number of turf pests and did an initial study on ABW with Dr. Ben McGraw at Penn State in 2019. It performed better than anything he’d seen in a while, so we expanded testing. As it turned out, Suprado proved to be even more effective and versatile on the pest than we expected. With that kind of efficacy, it was a no-brainer to continue with this new-to-turf mode of action for such a difficult pest with known resistance concerns. Three years of ABW trials with multiple cooperators led to the EPA registration we received in July.

What is unique about Suprado?

Novaluron is an insect growth regulator (IGR) and represents the first IRAC Group 15 product labeled for turfgrass uses. It inhibits chitin synthesis in immature insect growth stages. This leads to abnormal or disrupted formation of a new exoskeleton when molting, causing death. Although adult insects no longer need to molt, we have also found that Suprado has a strong effect on breeding adults and eggs, resulting in excellent prevention of the damaging larval stages.

Where on a golf course can Suprado be used?

ABW damage can become severe on any close-mown turf with a significant amount of annual bluegrass. Overwintering adults migrate from wooded areas to fairways, tees and greens, all of which can show damage when large larval stages have been allowed to develop unchecked. It is not uncommon to see well more than three ABW applications per season, even on fairways.

How should golf course maintenance professionals use Suprado?

Suprado can fit into a number of program timings providing an alternative chemistry option with excellent results. It is well suited for any of the first three typical application timings: adult peak migration, internally-feeding, small larvae (L1-L2) and medium-sized larvae (L2.5-L3). It has also shown good results against larger larvae in the soil, which would make it an excellent choice for summer apps where growth stages are increasingly asynchronous.

When is Suprado available for purchase?

September 2021.

Where can Suprado be purchased?

Through your local distributor.

Where can golf maintenance professionals learn more about Suprado?