December 2021




What drives somebody to wake up every morning and head out to the course? Zachary LaPorte pondered that same question and arrived at a satisfying answer.

Constructing something valuable

Yes, there’s a committee your association might not have that can benefit the entire organization. Richard Brown reveals a way to boost assistant superintendent engagement.

Be the first impression

Kennedy Ellis reminds superintendents and managers to remember they were once industry newbies and why providing guidance to today’s young turf enthusiasts can produce immeasurable benefits to the profession.

Boots on the ground

An old-school flier provided the course where Will Laine works with a group of young and energetic crew members this summer — and might have even helped spark a turf career.

Strategic swales

Sometimes it helps to think of a golf course as more than playing surfaces. Architect Tim Gerrish explores how assessing stormwater treatment capabilities can make the game better for players, surrounding communities and wildlife.

Just do it!

Sue de Zwart journeyed across the Atlantic during the 1990s. She returned home understanding the importance of volunteering and mentorship to turf industry success.

Back to the Future, Part Deux

A golf course, clubhouse, pro shop and athletic fields. Charlie Fultz added a title in 2021 and learned plenty about managing people and himself.

It’s all about customer service

What can be learned from a semi-retired CEO who works part-time as a cart attendant? Rich Obertots reveals successful tactics from one job around a golf course that can apply to many others.

Hitting life’s curveballs

Buffalo Bisons head groundskeeper Kelly Rensel reflects on a year filled with change — and relays how you can channel change in your own life into a superpower.

We bought a golf course

Stacey Sumners and her family have discovered many things about turf, business, life, people and themselves since acquiring a 107-acre Michigan property.

Hire somebody to help with hiring?

Tyler Bloom sees and hears plenty about attracting and retaining employees. He makes the case for why it’s OK — and likely advantageous — to rethink the toughest task facing your facility.

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