March 2016




Wondering about the weevil

Numerous theories exist about how and why the ABW landed on golf courses. Regardless of their past, they have adapted to their short-turf surroundings.


It all adds up

Whether dealing with dollar spot preventatively, or curatively, understanding what makes this pathogen tick is your most effective weapon.


The Reel World

A cutting unit or rotary deck have the potential to put you or your crew into a world of hurt. Safety guru Mickey McCord offers some tips for maintaining reels and cutting units.


Expect the unexpected

Successfully managing for unplanned outbreaks is an art form for any superintendent, especially when the bulk of the season’s disease program is purchased the previous fall.

Build a better fungicide program

Squeezed by a mandate to do as much or more with a lot less, superintendents can utilize this time to evaluate the best protocol for disease management.


Impressive results

Superintendent switched to enhanced efficiency fertilizers to address a number of agronomic problems he was having at the Country Club of the Rockies.