October 2019



industry Q&A

LA turf dreaming

Imagine landing a prestigious gig at a suave Southern California club before turning 30. Bel-Air Country Club’s Justin DePippo describes life on the industry’s fast track.

Cover Story

Betting on bentgrass

How leveraging numbers, experience and relationships led to Desert Mountain bringing cool-season turf to every acre of an Arizona course.

Better golf on the Bayou

Using thorough research and clear communication with club officials, superintendent Ramsey Prescott forged a plan to help elevate a tournament-level Louisiana course.

Science shines in the South

Bentgrass greens in Alabama? A savvy collaboration resulted in Vestavia Country Club making a gutsy decision.

Fall Prep Guide

Wait… we still need to mow

Revenue possibilities abound as the golf season stretches into new months. But later play leads to tricky maintenance decisions involving your course’s greens.

Get it green in 2020

Following a few guidelines this fall can help make turf pop when golfers are itching to get on the course next spring.

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Our Major

An inside look at the people and pride associated with preparing for a course’s big moment. Part 3: CP Women’s Open