September 2017




Blow out!

Follow these recommendations for a properly executed irrigation shutdown that protects the system’s components and minimizes the risk of weather-induced damage.


Stay strong through the fall

What you feed turf now can have a major impact later. Follow these guidelines to implement an effective fall fertilization program.

Adding green to Save green

Colorants and pigments provide the green golfers expect, but they can also reduce your bottom line as long as you know what you are doing and when you should do it.


One life to live

DOA isn’t an option for the carts at your golf course. Here are some simple ways to get the most capacity and life from your golf car batteries.


Turf 101

Protective measures now save vulnerable spring turf. Our experts say these practices are as easy as…


Shifting to Fall-Focused Fertility

The three factors that impact fall nutrition and how enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) products from Koch Turf & Ornamental can be the key to your turf strategy.