With the start of a new year, like many of you, I reflected back on the last few years and – because it’s all I know – irrigation specifically. After much reflection and overthinking, I came up with my 2016 golf irrigation wish list. Disclaimer: This wish list is that of an opinionated irrigation geek and most likely other factors should have been considered, but what the hell. If I threw your collective industry group under a bus, my apologies in advance. Here is my list:

  1. That contractors actually read the irrigation specifications and look at the details before and during installation of the system.
  2. That sales people realize their product is not always the best out there and to not make believe it is when it isn’t.
  3. That a pump station communicates with an irrigation control system no matter who makes the pump station – many other industries do it, why can’t irrigation?
  4. That there be a sprinkler manufactured for every golf application.
  5. That products actually do what they are supposed to.
  6. When product problems occur, first the manufacturer admits there is a problem and then they take care of the problem quickly.
  7. That a flow meter reads the correct flow.
  8. That restoring turf to grade after trenching means the same grade it was originally trenched from.
  9. That compacting a trench actually keeps it from settling.
  10. That a valve box be installed so you can actually get to and service the valve through it.
  11. That a controller be wired so you can understand how it was wired.
  12. That the central control pipe hydraulic database actually include more than just the flow at the pump station.
  13. That someone actually measures the resistance to ground of the grounding grids.
  14. That at GIS the new products are displayed so you can easily see them instead of being hidden away in a cubicle that no one can get to without a prior appointment, photo ID and passing through a metal detector.
  15. That a sales person actually listens to the question before giving you the wrong answer.
  16. That when the contract says “the contractor cannot use any of the course’s equipment,” that means the contractor should not ask/try to use any of the course’s equipment.
  17. That wire connectors be waterproof.
  18. That a swing joint be installed at a positive angle and not level or at a negative angle from the pipe.
  19. That thrust blocks be installed against the fitting and not just to just keep the fitting from ever being seen again.
  20. When turning a pipe more than 20 degrees, that a fitting be used.
  21. That a controller be wired in a sequence that makes sense to someone, preferably the golf course superintendent.
  22. That people understand electrical tape is not waterproof.
  23. That PVC primer is necessary.
  24. That HDPE pipe needs to have the proper pressure rating and the proper fittings to go along with that pressure rating.
  25. That there can never be enough isolation.
  26. That quick couplers always be installed so the key can be inserted in them.

I guess I am just a dreamer, but I guy can hope... miracles do happen.

, the 2009 EPA WaterSense Irrigation Partner of the Year, is president of Irrigation Consulting Inc., a golf course irrigation design and consulting firm headquartered in Pepperell, Mass., that designs irrigation systems throughout the world. He can be reached at bvinchesi@irrigationconsulting.com or 978/433-8972.