Let’s eliminate one industry myth. Superintendents aren’t hired and fired at the rate of NFL or major-college football coaches.

The average superintendent has held his or her current position for 12.2 years while only 9 percent have been fired for job performance reasons. Long tenures at a facility aren’t anomalies, as 17 percent of superintendents have held their current position for 20 or more years. The survey also suggests most superintendents are satisfied with their respective jobs. If given a career mulligan, 76 percent said they would still pursue a job in the golf industry.

Let’s also eliminate another myth held by those outside the industry. Superintendents don’t play golf every day. In fact, they are lucky to play once a week.

Less than one-third of superintendents (27 percent) play golf once or multiple times per week. Plenty of superintendents are watching their clubs collect dust, as 34 percent indicated they play less than monthly or never.

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