December 2020



Cover Story

Middle-age mentors

Brent Downs revisits lessons absorbed from two major influences in his career and describes how to make relationships with those you respect mutually beneficial.

A time to every purpose

Veteran superintendent Tyler Bloom plunged into deep doubt at the start of an earth-turning year. By its end, he had recreated himself and his work — without ever compromising his passion or his why.

Back to the future

Charlie Fultz stepped away from being a superintendent more than a decade ago. The events of 2020 created an opportunity to return to the job he loves.

Cold November Rain 3.0

Yes, you can still thank yourself. Jason Hollen returns to our pages to explain how this year affected his view of self-gratitude.

Subtle self-promotion

Uneasy about openly touting your value to the bosses? Nelson Caron recommends a roundabout way. Learn how to think in terms of assets instead of grass.

Project pointers

The stakes are high when your course embarks on improvements. Kelly Shumate examines what superintendents need to know before construction commences.

The other 97 percent

Tim Gerrish revisits his experiences with local golf courses and reassesses what makes a layout special to the customers who support them.

Putting observable roots on campus

Ashley Wilkinson describes how and why Horry Georgetown Technical College remained committed to a project intended to promote outdoor learning.

Add spark to your routine

Reconnect with an old friend. Listen to a new podcast. Turn course glamour shots into artwork. Gina Rizzi offers tactics for boosting personal innovation.

Retirement in the time of COVID-19

Sandy Clark’s career ended earlier than expected. That hasn’t stopped him from displaying a zest for the industry and willingness to help others.

Caring for aging turf

As grass on courses built during the golf boom of the 1990s ages, maintenance programs must evolve. Scott Krout offers tips based on his experiences in the Arizona desert.