November 2015



Cover Story

Mind the gap

A healthier economy has made it difficult to recruit and retain reliable workers. In the right environment, an often maligned generation is proving its value as a labor source. Are millennials the answer to filling your staffing holes?

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A Metrics Marvel

If there’s a way to do it better, then Desert Mountain’s Shawn Emerson wants to measure it and the data crunched. This approach, combined with key researcher and supplier input, allows Emerson to calculate what’s needed to maintain a sixcourse oasis.

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Ready for the turf’s reaction

Converting to paspalum will help The Resort at Longboat Key Club solve its salinity issues. Relying on a critical relationship will help director of agronomy John Reilly handle any disease issues the change produces.

Pest Management

The Nose Knows

In the war for turf, dogs specially trained to sniff out pests like ABW may lead to more efficient use of inputs and greater pest management success for superintendents.


The Wish List

Is your agronomic operation up to snuff? GCI's Terry Buchen provides a rundown to benchmark against.

Special Content

Minimizing losses

Understanding the workings of enhanced efficiency fertilizers could help your course’s bottom line.

Talking N, P and K

Documenting fertilizer usage represents a proactive measure to let outsiders know how a golf course benefits its surroundings.

Let’s not be lax

Don’t think properly calibrating a fertilizer spreader is a big deal? Experts explain how complacency can burn turf and tamper with budgets.